How it started...

The Baby Tailor electric nail file is our first product. The idea came about when we first started trimming our baby Brooklyn's nails.

As a parent, you do everything with the best intention. But the first cut didn't go well for us. As a parent you immediately feel bad and start thinking in solutions. We started looking for a good alternative. That's how we came upon an electric nail file. We ordered one online and tried it out. We were both very excited as a parent and continued to research. We saw that there were already several files on the market but without proper marketing and branding. And just let this be something that is right up my (Kim's) alley. 

We decided together to develop our own brand and name it after the person who had given us the motivation and inspiration to look for a safe alternative for taking care of your child's hair or nails.



So herewith we present the Baby Tailor electric nail file. For your child but also for yourself. Nail care has never been easier. For now you can visit our website to order our cool product and find information on how to use it. In the future we hope to accompany you here on our website with blogs and new products.

Above all, let us know what you think of the Baby Tailor electric nail file. Only together can we grow and make the world a more beautiful and cozy place.

We welcome comments and questions.

And a review we think is sweet.

Lots of love from Stanley, Kim and Brooklyn.