Baby Tailor Nail File


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The electric file makes virtually no noise so it won't startle or inconvenience your baby. As a result, you'll be done in no time! The file comes with 6 different attachments suitable for babies of different ages (0-3 months, 4-11 months, 12+ months) as well as adults. Choose between 4 different settings and 2 different speeds. The file has an LED light that allows you to follow the nail edge precisely. Especially useful at night when your baby is sleeping.

When using the file, choose the attachment appropriate for your baby's age. Hold your child's hand or foot when using the file. Start on with the slow speed to see how your baby responds. Start by filing the nail on the outside and slowly move toward the center. For longer life of the nail file, put it back in the case after use. Make sure the nail file is out of the reach of children as it contains small parts. Not suitable for children under three years of age.